How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers to Get Your IG Profile Stand Out

How to make instagram highlight covers

Instagram highlight covers work like makeup touch-ups that beautify your Instagram account. They allow your favorite stories to live on your profile happily ever after looking pretty and cute.

Your Instagram highlights tell a lot about yourself or your business, if that is your reason for being on Insta. They are the first things that visitors will check on your profile, and for that reason, you should make them pop-up with eye-catching covers.

Today, we take a closer look at how to use Instagram highlight covers to make your IG profile stand out.

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What are Instagram Highlight Covers?

As you probably know by now, Instagram Highlights are the few Insta Stories that you want to keep on your profile indefinitely and not see them after 24 hours like they usually do.

Instagram Highlights Covers are the images that you use to represent each Story you saved on your profile. You can see them as the small circles on your bio page just above your gallery of posts.

When you save a Story, Instagram automatically uses a screenshot of it as a cover. Now, if you want your IG Highlights Covers to grab the visitors’ attention, you want them to look better than that.

You must come up with an appealing cover for each Story. It has to be one that sums up its content and intrigues people who view your profile.

How to Use Instagram Highlight Covers

Once you have settled on the images and downloaded the best Instagram highlight covers designed for you, the fun part begins.

Using Insta Highlight Covers is easy. All you have to do is open Instagram and go to your bio page. Tap on a Highlight in your collection. When the Story opens, select the "Edit Highlight" option. Choose "Edit Cover," and press on the "image" icon at the bottom, which precedes all the images in your Story. You will see your camera roll pop up. Now, all you have to do is scroll to the picture you want to choose as an Instagram Highlight Story, tap on it, and you’re done.

Tips for Choosing Stunning Instagram Highlight Covers

After using a couple of Instagram Highlight Covers, you will start getting the hang of it. In time, you will discover what pictures, images, and designs work best for your profile. That doesn’t mean that you could do without a few tips on how to make your covers more inviting, such as:

  • Add aesthetic covers.
  • Keep a consistent design for all your covers.
  • Use unique or at least rare designs for your covers.
  • Make your covers have the same tone as your brand or your profile.

There you have it! Now, you should be able to use Instagram Highlights Covers to your advantage and make your profile stand out.

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